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Helpful Resources & Fun Links for Parents & Kids, Too!

Healthy Hopping- This site teaches the youth fun ways to be more active through jumping rope and how to have more nutritious meals and snacks.
- BrainPOP's unique, award-winning Health, Science and Technology (HS&T) content is based on original, animated movies created to explain the human body and the world around us in an engaging, interactive journey for kids.

4 Girls Health
- The web site, developed by the Office on Women’s Health in the Department of Health and Human Services gives girls between the ages of 10 and 16 reliable, current health information. The site focuses on many health topics that respond to adolescent girls’ health concerns and motivates girls to choose healthy behaviors using positive, supportive and non-threatening messages.

About Faces
- This site gives great information about different parts of your face - from your eyes to your oral cavity.

America Museum of Natural History - Infection Detection Protection
- Learn about microbes and infection. Learn about flu and how microbes spread.

- was created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to answer kids' questions on health issues and recommend ways to make their bodies and minds healthier, stronger, and safer.

Children's Health Month - Just for Kids!
- Celebrate Children's Health Month by learning how to keep yourself healthy and safe.

Children's Inn at NIH
- Located in Bethesda, Maryland, National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the premier biomedical research facility in the world. Children receive treatment for illnesses such as cancer, heart, lung, blood, bone and growth disorders, mental illnesses, and HIV infection.

Drug Enforcement Administration
- Explains about the types of drugs and the effects they can have on your body. The is site also provides quizzes and activities.

FDA Kids' Page
- Learn about animal care, food safety, vaccines and much more about the Food and Drug Administration.

For Kids Only
- The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information advises - - be smart – don’t start! Learn the facts on just saying no to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Girl Power
- HHS addresses health messages to the unique needs, interests, and challenges of today’s young girls.

Healthfinder- Fun way to learn about health and safety issues.

Kids' Quest On Disability and Health
- This site helps kids to think about people with disabilities and some of the issues related to participation in daily activities, health, and accessibility.

Milk Matters - Kids and Teens- The games and activities on this page will help you to learn more about calcium, and why it’s important for strong bones and healthy teeth. You’ll also find out how much calcium you need every day, and what foods you can eat to get calcium

NIDCD Kids and Teachers- How loud is too loud? How does sound travel? The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (whew! that's a mouthful!) has the answers to these questions and lots more info on hearing and sound.

NIEHS Kids' Page
- Learn how the environment affects your health. Get ideas for science projects, tackle some brainteasers, and more.

Powerful Bones. Powerful Girls
- Healthy bones are important. Get tips on eating right and exercise, take a quiz to test your knowledge, and play some fun games along the way.

Team Nutrition
- To help meet the goal of healthier children, USDA launched Team Nutrition. Learn more about this initiative to help make implementation of the new policy in schools easier and more successful.

The National 4-H Web
- 4-H is the youth education branch of the Cooperative Extension Service, a program of the United States Department of Agriculture. Each state and each county has access to a County Extension office for both youth and adult programs. 4-H is fun with friends. 4-H is learning and doing cool things. 4-H is meetings, camp, workshops, social activities, trips, and fairs. 4-H is leadership opportunities and helping others. 4-H is responsibility and hard work and success.

Vince & Larry's Safety City
- Here is some important information to keep in mind when you’re out-and-about. title="American Dental Association's Animations and Games Page"

Attention Deficit Disorder - Kid's Area
- Explains what ADD is and provides tips on how to cope with ADD.

Kids Health for Kids
- KidsHealth has information on dealing with feelings, staying healthy, diseases and fun stuff too.
- A fun, interactive site to help children learn about nutrition. There are quick facts (called "Snacktoids"), recipes, articles, video clips, and games all designed to ########-

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