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Leading Children's Exercise Expert Reveals An Amazing New Way
To Starts Your Child on a Life-Long Path of Wellness and Energy!
“I enthusiastically endorse this program as
being very stimulating; age appropriate, and
very health-promoting to children….a
valuable endeaver for the benefit of children.”
Kurt Meppelink, D.O.
Michigan Medical, P.C./Pediatrics

Dear Parent:

We've all read the horror stories lately about the problems our kids face in living a sedentary lifestyle.

They sit all day at school, then come home to TV, video games and junk food.

Is it any wonder that one out of four kids today face obesity problems?

What's A Parent To Do?

If your child is not active and/or overweight, don't try and explain it away as "baby fat." Chances are, the problem isn't going to go away. Ignoring your child's inactivity and weight problem can easily lead to more serious problems in the future. By helping your child stay active at the proper weight, you can boost their self-esteem and give him or her
a healthy, happy way to live.

One excellent way to help your child maintain their weight AND promote their fitness for life is proper exercise.

Exercise is important, particularly at the preschool ages. Fitness and exercise programs started early in life lead to healthier lifestyles. Studies show that children who exercise tend to become adults who exercise.

Regular exercise contributes to weight control, helps strengthen bones, and can improve cardio - vascular risk factors.

"Peek-A-Boo And You" Reveals The
Smart Way To Start Your Child On
A Life-Long Course of Wellness And Energy.

Preschool Fitness Program - Peek-A-Boo Express!

Child development, involving movement, is a key factor that is the first step to a lifetime of fitness.

I developed "Peek-A-Boo Express" - a unique one - on - one program - especially for Tots from 2 - 4 years old for use in our own gymnastics and movement center.

Now, the entire program has been encapsulated in a convenient, instantly downloadable book, designed so you can enjoy the benefits of a child-oriented exercise and wellness program right in the convenience of your own home with your child or children! It contains many easy-to-do movement exercises that will benefit your child physically AND mentally.

"Peek-A-Boo activities have helped our
child with balance, coordination, motor skills
and self-esteem."
Ruth Kohley

Just think! No expensive health club or gym fees to pay; no need to drive your children to and from classes; just a few simple household props and inexpensive items and you can get your child started on a lifetime of wellness!

Preschool exercise sets a great habit for lifelong fitness!
Each lesson explained carefully and simple with many illustrations.
The latest findings from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and nutrition studies confirm that more and more children and teens are overweight, continuing a pattern over the past two decades, when the number of overweight and obese children nearly doubled!

We've heard a lot about the obesity epidemic among children, and we know that overweight kids are particularly susceptible to diabetes and other health problems.

If that's not bad enough, according to a recent report in Pediatrics, overweight children are particularly vulnerable to being bullied.

The solution? Start your kids early on the fun and easy exercise program –“Peek - A - Boo Express!

There’s No Better Time To Form Positive
Learning Attitudes Than The Preschool Years!!

How many of us wish we could-for just one moment –go back in time to when we were kids -and receive positive education. Then, maybe we wouldn’t be afraid to go swimming, be too timid to go dancing, be afraid
of flying to our favorite vacation spot or be hesitant to try new activities.

“Peek-A-Boo Express” was designed to teach movements while providing many much-needed moments of positive reinforcement that are so important in a child’s process of growing up.

"Your program has helped Hannah's confidence!
She is always learning and progressing in
her abilities. Hannah says that when she
grows up, she wants to be a coach!"
Jennifer Newberry
Preschoolers love Peek=A-Boo Express
Free sample chapter of popular preschool fitness guide!
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Preschool exercise made easy with simple toys and home items.

"Peek-A-Boo Express" Focuses On Both
The Social And Motor Development Of Tots.

Movement skills come from what's called "Muscle Memory." This simply means that the muscles must be able to retain the information given them without thought! This is why "Peek-A-Boo Express" has been carefully designed in such a way that your tot will not only receive the
repetition required to accomplish certain skills but -most importantly -children will receive such positive feedback from you that their willingness to excel will come naturally!

“Peek-A-Boo Express is a must-read for all
parents who want their children to become
more active.”
Dr. Steve VanNoord, M.D.

Inside "Peek-A-Boo Express,." you'll find an innovative approach to pre-school children's fitness and wellness. One that teaches children in a positive and healthy atmosphere. It'll help your child with:

Reading readiness
Increased learning capabilities
Positive self-esteem
Making movement fun -which helps kids believe in themselves.

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As adults, we hardly ever get a chance to experience such positive and healthy learning atmospheres, so let’s give our kids every possible chance! I want you to truly enjoy your time with your child and the “Peek - A - Boo Express” program.

Teach Your Child A Lifetime Of Health
In Just 30 Minutes A Week or Less!

"Peek-A-Boo Express" will show you how to get great results in just half an hour a week. There are 12 low-impact, easy-to-follow lessons; just one session of 15 to 30 minutes a week will provide 12 full weeks of fun, exercise and learning for your child! And, of course, it can be repeated as many times as you and your tot desires.

"Peek-A-Boo Express" has helped my son build
listening, social and motor skills, which are all
developmental skills necessary for success in
Brenda DeZeeuw

Your kids will learn from this program quickly, and enjoy it year after year as they grow. Each lesson is fully illustrated and comes with complete instructions, as well as notes on Spatial Awareness, Positions and Floor Skills so you can chart the progress of your child.

Every child and adolescent needs exercise. It is a sound and largely risk-free investment in their present and future health. And you can get started immediately with "Peek-A-Boo Express." Start your special one on one time with your child TODAY. Make your child feel as special as he or she really is!

"We appreciate the structure and age appropriate
exercises in our son's "Peek-A-Boo" course. “
Beth Norcross

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To your child's health and wellness - for life!

Diane Brink

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Peek-A-Boo Express makes fitness fun!
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